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Monterey Whale Watching

December 15, 2017
Category: Things to Do in Monterey

Monterey Bay is home to some of the largest whale watching vessels, primarily the 100 ft. Greatland and the 100 ft. Princess Monterey. These luxuriously comfortable vessels are fully equipped with innovative safety and modern amenities, such as heated cabins, indoor and outdoor seating, clean and spacious restrooms and huge windows that allow you to view some of the most exotic whale species that traverse the Pacific Coast during their migratory journeys.

About the Monterey Bay

California is one of the most scenic locations in the world that allows travelers to see many a whale species throughout the year. Monterey Bay is undoubtedly the ideal location for an avid whale watcher, in some areas, you can spot whales offshore, while other areas require travelers to go far away from the shore and into the natural habitats of the whales dozens of miles outside of the confines of the Bay and into the open ocean.

The Monterey Bay is also home to the magnificent Monterey Submarine Canyon, an oceanic replica of the Grand Canyon, which is the natural habitat of countless rare whale species that often drift towards the shore in search of prey. The start of the fall season is the best time of the year to feast your eyes on a wide variety of wildlife species, particularly feeding whales. Local humpbacks chasing schools of anchovies can be spotted swimming in the harbors, while many other species, including the Killer Whales, also known as the Orcas, can be spotted in the middle of Fall.

You can also come across gorgeous species of magnificent sea creatures, such as porpoises and dolphins, while the glorious Blue Whales also visit the bay at least once every week. If you want to experience the awe-inspiring journey of watching whales, dolphins and other sea creatures, a marine safari in

Monterey Bay is the perfect excursion.

Whales are seasonally spotted traveling throughout the area, primarily gray whales, blue whales, and humpbacks. If you’re an avid whale watcher, it is only a matter of time before you will find a whale’s large fins or a breach. Even the extremely rare whale species of the beaked whale, which can dives up for nearly an hour at one time, can also be spotted at Monterey Bay. It is not unusual to come across the largest carnivores in the world, the hard-to-spot Sperm Whale in these coastal waters. We highly recommend that you book a whale-watching trip if you are visiting Monterey. Many trips disembark from Fisherman’s Wharf daily.

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